MetroWest Daily News Clips

While working with the MetroWest Daily News under the Boston University Statehouse Program, I covered a variety of local events in the MetroWest Massachusetts area as well as the state legislature.

I wrote approximately two to three stories a week from mid-September to late-December, and focused my final project on the opioid epidemic in Massachusetts state. During my tenure, I also extensively covered one of the ballot items in the 2016 state election, as well as the initial reactions from the election of Donald Trump. In some of my articles, I also provided my own photos as well as tweets on social media for secondary coverage.

This was the first of many steps I took towards being a true member of the communication industry.


“Opioid epidemic update: Online tool tracks prescriptions of painkillers”

“No Fans of the Donald” (Online with Photos / PDF)

“State, U.S. lawmakers ponder the Trump presidency”

“Opting out of marijuana not so easy”

“Former Framingham selectman not slowing down”

“Clerks say many taking advantage of early voting”