Thinknum Media Clips

Working alongside industry veterans Joshua Fruhlinger and Jon Marino, I was the Associate Editor of Thinknum Media, a company backed by alternative database startup Thinknum. Joshua put the purpose of Thinknum Media – and why I wrote for it – best in his manifesto he wrote for the company:

I have the opportunity to write stories based on real, live data that’s not only accurate, but also publicly available and verifiable by anyone who wants to do so.

In joining Thinknum Media, I not only wrote at least one article a day, but also collaborated with my cohorts for larger features and edited work sent in by freelancers. My day-to-day job even included searching for, compiling, and making inferences based on data culled from the web by Thinknum, as well as managing the editorial calendar and working within their CMS.


Group Articles

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Bylined Articles

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