Stories, Games, and Tacos

There are three things in life that I am passionate about: telling stories, video games, and tacos.

I was a Long Island kid who was obsessed with golf magazines, entranced by course layouts and shot guides. As I grew up, my interests shifted to other nonfiction: World Record books, sports history books (see hat – LGM), Encyclopedias, and, of course, video game guides, some of them written by a man who became my future boss and mentor. All the while, I was enthralled by video games, especially ones that my late father gave me as gifts. Tony Hawk Underground 2 was one notable one, but more on Activision later.

To ensure my savings were solid after he died in 2009, I got odd jobs and internships in high school. At the same time, I made videos about playing video games

I stopped making videos my senior year of high school, when I left Long Island to be educated at Boston University. After learning how to combine my deep love and knowledge for gaming, combined with my high school, college, and later esports gigs in college, would bring me back to Activision games.

I freelanced for them over two years before accepting a full-time, subcontractor role with them through Volt Workforce Solutions.

I needed to pay off student loans and gain a lot more writing and life experience, so I cut my teeth in local news, then honed my craft under two incredible journalist veterans at a start-up. I came away from those experiences with an award in Health Coverage, some successful business generated for the start-up’s Series B funding. and plenty of lessons learned in general.

In over 6+ years working with or for Activision, I wrote hundreds of articles, guides, interviews, and announcements informing the Call of Duty community, including its esports fans, as well as the Tony Hawk, Crash and Spyro communities about all these games and what they offer.

In my opinion, the best work we do is Strategy Guides, a platform that I, its Co-Writer, pour tens of thousands of words and hundreds of screenshots to help players truly get engrained in the joy and general knowledge base of gaming.

Because I am also a graduate school student at USC, I’m enthusiastic and grateful to be continuing my education at a Fortune 500 company, a top communications school, and in discovering the beauty of the West Coast in Santa Monica.

Finally, I just like tacos, okay? I begged my mom for Taco Bell after school, and to this day, my proudest achievement is being followed by the official Taco Bell on Twitter (before I went off the app – I no longer have an official Twitter.)

If you’re looking to help me find a good taco place, or see something you like in some guy who likes telling stories, video games, and tacos, contact me.