Stories, Games, and Tacos

I was a Long Island kid who was obsessed with golf magazines, entranced by the course layouts they printed. As I grew up, my interests shifted to other nonfiction: World Record books, Encyclopedias, and, of course, video game guides, some of them written by a man who would become my future boss and mentor.

To ensure I had a decent savings after my father passed in 2009, I started figuring out ways to make money. By stroke of luck, I was handed an internship in New York City while still in high school, but what actually defined my work ethic and career was making YouTube videos about video games I played.

I stopped making videos my senior year of high school, when I left to be further educated at Boston University, but little did I know that my amateur work, combined with some later esports gigs in college, would connect me to Activision.

I freelanced for them over two years before accepting a full-time, subcontractor role with them through Volt Workforce Solutions.

During my freelance years, in order to pay off student loans and gain a broader perspective on life and writing, I cut my teeth in local news and honed by craft under two incredible journalist veterans at Thinknum Media. I came away from those experiences with an award in Health Coverage, some successful business generated for the general Thinknum platform, and plenty of lessons learned.

For Activision, I’ve written 100+ articles, guides, interviews, and announcements for Activision through their Games Blog, informing the Call of Duty, Tony Hawk, Crash and Spyro communities about these games and what they offer. My greatest achievement during that stint was the Warzone Strategy Guide, a platform that I, its Co-Writer, poured tens of thousands of words and hundreds of my own screenshots to help the company put up. Up until the end of the Call of Duty League’s inaugural season, I also wrote recaps for Call of Duty’s esport product.

Now, as the Activision Games Blog’s Lead Writer entering his second year, I will continue to learn within a Fortune 500 company, focusing mainly on Call of Duty and Emerging Franchises content, and looking to top the success of any other media I’ve produced before.

Finally, I just like tacos, okay? I begged my mom for Taco Bell after school, ate plenty of them up in Boston, and now that I currently reside in Santa Monica, I’m in search of not only the next project that could define my career, but also a good taco to chow down on after a long day’s work.

If you’re looking to help me find a good taco place, or see something you like in some guy who likes telling stories, video games, and tacos, contact me.

But, as a great philosopher said long ago: Si possis recte, si non, quocumque modo rem.

Or, for a more modern translation: